These photos are from my first trip to South Island, New Zealand in 2009. The land of the lakes and mountains truely took my breath away… A breath taking liquid for this week’s photo challenge.

I love the lonely bench in the lake and the sky’s reflection on the water so clear, you could mistake it for the sky itself.

Yes I took photos of the prints from 2009😁….. Even now I like printing photos… There is something about the physicality of albums and smell of books that I cannot let go…



Is there a slight chance that we will one day see the oneness in all?

A slight chance the human race will evolve beyond the ego.

You and me though differentiated by name, gender, race and colour are not too unlike each other.

I bleed red so do you, my tears flow clear same as yours.

We feel from the heart and we reason with the mind.

You seek love and I seek to be valued.

We are driven by similar dreams and hopes.

Fundamentally it is about knowing we matter.

Since when was life a competition, filled with constant worry of missing out.

That we just want to accumulate all that money can buy, yet be so empty inside.

History was about the conquered lands and Empires built with riches from other lands.

Now it is greed and notoriety that divides.

Politicians and those with wealth continue to create and foster the divisions with fear.

Wars are created from this fear and people are displaced around the globe.

Didn’t they just want a normal life, with their family, just like you and me.

It all started because you thought I was different from you….Not better than you. The war of the egos began, yet to be settled.

Isn’t there a slight chance we can work together for a better world for the next generation.

Happy Mother’s Day

A day to be appreciated and to show appreciation for your mum…

On my birthday day which just went by, my mother spoke to me about the day I was born. She has told me about the day before but I didn’t realise she still thinks of that on my birthday.

She spoke of that day so vividly, I was surprised by her memory. Similarly she remembers the births of my siblings as well. She said, she always wakes up in the mornings of our birthdays and remembers our coming to this world. How beautiful is that…

It felt so nice to be so precious because that’s what my daughter is to me. It was so moving… Each birthday from now I will remember this.

So this year she wrote a memoir of it, so I can have it as a keepsake.

I am humbled and grateful for such Love… So hope all of you have a great Mother’s Day!!

Weekly photo challenge – The place where you belong

My place in the world is certainly not the hustle and bustle of city and neither is it suburbia. Where I feel connected to or belong is ironically two very opposite places. The Mountains and Beach…

This is probably why as you would have seen from my other posts, I love NZ…it has plenty of both…Pity it gets so cold there, otherwise I would love to move there.

So here are some more photos of the mountains and the beach, where my soul feels the most at peace

Being present…

When life becomes rapid, like a river, where moments pass not lived or at times not remembered. What do you do?

May be it’s part of motherhood and may be even age😊. Nowadays my memory is like a a sieve where some just filter through and some remain.

As a child I had a photographic memory of individual pages of my favorite books. This continued in my teens. Then in adulthood it changed, but my mind still captured and retained pretty much most information and life experiences, both useful and useless.

At times in life not remembering is not a bad thing. I have realised my mind, as if programmed innately, holds only snippets of the past, painful incidents. I am glad for it! think about it.. ..why would you want relive such incidents in detail.

Like many of you I feel time is flying too fast and I remember reading some where that the earth is rotation on its axis has fastened. No wonder the days roll over so rapidly that I can’t believe we are already reaching mid 2018. I still remember NYE 2017 like it was yesterday. So how to slow down and at the same time not let life happen without me?

I want to stop and smell the roses. I want memories ingrained with details of colours, smells and textures. Remember the feeling of the grass blades on my bare feet. And remember moments where my taste buds danced because I ate something wonderful for the first time. I want to be drawn into a cafe because of the smell of freshly brewed coffee and sit down,  consume it as I watched people walk past. I want these experiences regularly and not care of the life going past or worry of the ‘to do list growing’. Life is fast pace and we are on the move constantly to keep up with life.  Those of you who are parents will understand this more . We are driven by needs and wants of our children.

Mostly on holidays or rare weekends, when we are not tied to routine or chores that cannot be ignored, I feel  like I am present soaking life as it happens .

I know the answers, be more present and minimise the activities to the necessary and the enjoyable and meaningful.

But it’s hard being present when your head is trying to keep up with multitude aspects of day to day life and when I am present like I have been lately at work I forget, my personal life. I forget to message my husband,  somsomething I promised or leave  my phone unchecked and only see missed calls or messages from my family and friends  at the end of the day.

So basically I have lost the ability to multi task. Some say it’s good for your mind and increases the ability to be more present. But I am also playing catch up in different aspects in my life. So something always gives…..

But in the end I guess its about making an evaluation of whether you are ok, with what you miss out on or sacrifice to smell the roses…

Sometimes it’s not caring about the world which is centered on doing and achieving. But it’s about being present and absorbing the experience of being alive …




Bring forth the tide

Let your soul rise

The moment is now

Shine forth in all your bright

Don’t hold back your light

As it is your birthright

You were born to be here

So don’t shy away or wither

Be who you want to be

It need not be for the world

Or the likes in social media

Nor for success defined by fame or money

Let it be for that day when you look back


You know you did not just exist but you truly lived.