Life wisdom the “younger you” holds

“Tap into your inner child” we have all heard or said this comment at least once or more in our lives….

Most often it is said to infer “let go of your inhibitions and have fun”…

But I feel, we are born with many traits and strengths that we need to live our adult lives…of course life experiences both tamper with and enhance these attributes that we were quite in touch with as a child..that was so raw in us…..I see that now as I watch my 3 year old.

We spend our adult life trying to train our mind to be present and not worry…yet as a child that came easily….So yes there lies much wisdom in our little version…that sadly we untaught ourselves, so we can grow up…

I have memories of the younger me……often I look for her within…

I keep looking for that little girl…how many of you remember that little person.

The little boy or girl…how they saw the world and most importantly Life!

Well I was a little girl who woke up with thoughts of what adventures lay a head each day….

With the sole purpose to fill each day with as much of fun and discovery, as I possibly could….

I liked her…where is she? I look for her each time I lose motivation in my adult life and want to be inspired…

She has got me through heartbreaks by  reminding me that life is still enjoyable when you focus on having fun…..even in the simple things

She held many secrets to the person I wanted to be…

Most of all she felt alive!!



6 thoughts on “Life wisdom the “younger you” holds

    1. Yes we all have had different childhoods, some painful and happy …At the same if we look back through that child’s eyes we remember what we wanted from life…


      1. True, and maybe we should keep trying to achieve what we wanted. It’s never too late. Sometimes even small things can bring great joy in life. As a grown up we find out that we spend too much time brooding on our problems rather than taking the time to enjoy the small things in life.

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      2. Well said…as I had said in my blog, through the tough times remembering that little girl’s joy for life, helped me shift my pain and enjoy small things…

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  1. We grow up so much, so quickly, sometimes I don’t even know who I was 3 years ago.
    As a child I was determined, ambitious and did not let the fear of failing stop me from going for my ambitious goals. That’s the little girl I want to keep in touch with!


    1. You should keep in touch with that Girl she sounds Amazing… Life’s up & down shape who we become but I think the magic children have should not be forgotten… Because they think beyond this physical world’s limitations on what they can have & do…


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