For the impatient…

Patience is a virtue they say…. Not always true I feel.

In waiting….

It depends on who is telling you to be patient and setting the timeline.

Is that how people console you because they have nothing better to say or do, that will actually make a difference?

Or is it said by those who deny you of your opportunities?

Worse, is it your consolation song? Or what you say to yourself when you pass on the possibilities of your life because you are scared?

Opportunities will come knocking on your door… because you believe or have been told “good things comes to those who wait.” Now this is far less true….

Life doesn’t happen because you waited patiently on the sidelines, I have learnt.

Life is for those who participate, take the leap, who take chances and play the game…and respect the rules.

Yes, patience is a virtue, but let it not be a reason for a life not well lived! A little bit of impatience is needed once in a while.

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