My favourite place

It may sound cheesy but my backyard is my favorite place…. especially this summer I found myself here often, with a book, a cup of tea, with my daughter playing around me, with my husband, gatherings with family and close friends, especially NYE party watching the fireworks which happens at the town centre. This part of the backyard is elevated so a perfect spot to see the fire works.

Though there are many places around the world I would rather be at times. This is the place where treasured memories are made with my family and close friends, where my husband discovered his passion for gardening and created an oasis of our own. Where he incorporated most of my ideas based on a “feeling” and not common sense as he would say, yet he added them to his grand plan, so it would be “our place”. It’s a place where I have a sense of belonging, where I feel the earth beneath my feet and I am grounded. It’s where my being resonates with something beyond…and most importantly where it feels like the Home I wanted to create for a long time….

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