Māori creation traditions – Weekly photo challenge

Nature always brings a Smile to my face and on this trip to New Zealand I learnt of the Māori creation story, which my husband had heard at the conference he attended while there.

Although various tribes tell different versions of the creation story, there are some themes in common. Most describe movement from Te Kore (nothingness) to something, and from Te Pō (darkness) to Te Ao (light).

The separation of earth and sky

In the beginning Ranginui (the sky) and Papatūānuku (the earth) were joined together, and their children were born between them in darkness. The children decided to separate their parents, to allow light to come into the world. After this, the children became gods of various parts of the natural world. https://teara.govt.nz/en/maori-creation-traditions

But the the parents, “Earth and the Sky” like star crossed lovers are in an eternal dance of trying to reunite …I thought this was such a beautiful romantic notion of nature. So I took a few photos of these star crossed lover’s in their eternal dance😃

8 thoughts on “Māori creation traditions – Weekly photo challenge

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the story… The first photo is driving out of the “Hobbiton ” movie set. It is truely a spectacular area. No wonder Peter Jackson remarked on the area as the” rolling hills” … So high up that you can touch the clouds 😊

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