Staying still

This blog has been inspired partly by my friend Little Heartfelt Things‘s piece “Experience is Everything ”

We only got back from our New Zealand trip on Saturday and I have been itching to write.

Holidays sometimes gives you a different perspective on life, because you get to do things out of the ordinary. There is no need to rush, though daily routine was still there to some extent because of my daughter, it was far more relaxed. It felt a little surreal to be relaxed at the beginning but as the days passed it certainly became the norm. This is what holidays are about.

New Zealand’s breathing taking nature also has a way of bringing a stillness within. I have always found myself at peace when I am standing amongst nature’s beauty. I connect to something far greater than me, that which my soul identifies with.

An undeniable and undefinable belonging to something sacred…I know I am part of this universe, however minute my physicality is.

That’s a beautiful feeling… you go past the mundaneness of your identity, to something your spirit connects with. Thoughts slow down and your heart flutters with a sense of wonder at nature and creation from which all things Begin and End.

So why do I forget who I am and become caught up in this materialistic world… be a “yo-yo” to my emotions, reacting than responding, having thoughts of not being good enough or not achieving? Or waiting for that one day when circumstances will be different to be satisfied or happy.

I realised on this holiday, I need more of “these moments” to step back from the daily grind and take perspective of my life and it’s blessings. The more I do this, the more I will remember who I am & who I want to be. So I can focus on the journey and not just the goal.

I realise now more than ever, that being in a constant state of bliss or knowingness, is not a reality for me. But within the hustle and bustle of life, I don’t want to forget that “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

Life needs to be lived… stress, pain and it’s mundaness is part & parcel but so are the moments of joy, bliss, peace and reflection. To me the best way to look at life is that it is “brutiful”…as Brene Brown comments it is the “beautiful and brutal” which has sculpted who you are. The choice is yours in regard which defines you the most…

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