May my wishes become true

If I came across a Genie in a bottle, I would set him or her free so he or she could grant me three wishes.

Will it be enough you ask…

Yes it will be with careful thought…

Wish 1: Unlike the beauty pageant contestants, I will not ask for world peace but instead to remove hatred and greed from the human heart… So there will be less violence and wars.

Wish 1 sub-section 1: Poverty to vanish not by swift wave of the wand but by plentiful that now exists because we are no longer greedy, so we will not hoard.. And take only what we need…

Wish 2: Humans to be endowed with an intuition which sees each others commonality first, before the differences.

Wish 2 sub-section 2: To see the differences valued as one’s gift. No more the squares to squeeze everyone in. But having the foresight to utilise our differences as strengths.

Wish 3: the cycle of pain to end… to not hurt others because we have been hurt, whether emotionally or physically. Truly giving our children a chance bring forth a new world.

There is no subsection to Wish 3 because I don’t know what more to wish for. I think these three will bring forth many other wishes that need no Genie to make true because we as humans will.. …

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