Photo challenge- A quaint little place

Don’t you love the unplanned Sunday’s, when you get a little time on your hand and you discover something beautiful..

That’s how we discovered this retro cafe in Dural, The Fig Coffee House. We have driven past it a few times, my husband had noticed the sign. From the street view you cannot see the cafe and this area is popular for Nurseries with attached cafes. But we were in for a surprise.

The actual building was a Hexagon shape, which I have never seen before. Sadly I couldn’t capture it in my photos. The place originally might have been an old farmstead, the initial bricks maintained.

It was vibrant and laid back at the same time. A water feature flowing down the skylight, to the verandah…. An old style piano, waiting to be played…A lemonade stand outside, a touch of country town fair.

We sat outside, the autumn sun was still keeping us warm. A 70th birthday party was happening in the courtyard. Families together celebrating…it truly was picturesque…

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