Happy Mother’s Day

A day to be appreciated and to show appreciation for your mum…

On my birthday day which just went by, my mother spoke to me about the day I was born. She has told me about the day before but I didn’t realise she still thinks of that on my birthday.

She spoke of that day so vividly, I was surprised by her memory. Similarly she remembers the births of my siblings as well. She said, she always wakes up in the mornings of our birthdays and remembers our coming to this world. How beautiful is that…

It felt so nice to be so precious because that’s what my daughter is to me. It was so moving… Each birthday from now I will remember this.

So this year she wrote a memoir of it, so I can have it as a keepsake.

I am humbled and grateful for such Love… So hope all of you have a great Mother’s Day!!

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