Is there a slight chance that we will one day see the oneness in all?

A slight chance the human race will evolve beyond the ego.

You and me though differentiated by name, gender, race and colour are not too unlike each other.

I bleed red so do you, my tears flow clear same as yours.

We feel from the heart and we reason with the mind.

You seek love and I seek to be valued.

We are driven by similar dreams and hopes.

Fundamentally it is about knowing we matter.

Since when was life a competition, filled with constant worry of missing out.

That we just want to accumulate all that money can buy, yet be so empty inside.

History was about the conquered lands and Empires built with riches from other lands.

Now it is greed and notoriety that divides.

Politicians and those with wealth continue to create and foster the divisions with fear.

Wars are created from this fear and people are displaced around the globe.

Didn’t they just want a normal life, with their family, just like you and me.

It all started because you thought I was different from you….Not better than you. The war of the egos began, yet to be settled.

Isn’t there a slight chance we can work together for a better world for the next generation.

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