Freedom of expression tag – Beauty.

Beauty thank you Richa for creating this creative tag. Please click “ping back” to visit her post and site.

We are surrounded each day with messages of what is beautiful. These images are on Magazines, billboards, movies, TV, social media and advertisments telling you how you can attain it.

Women are impacted more by what the world expects us to be visually, than men. But this is changing for men also.

Though aware, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”..Its hard in a world consumed by superficiality.

Especially for the young ones, who unlike ever before are bombarded with a definition of Beauty from such a young age.

We have all been there and most of us are still there fighting it and yielding to it, at the same time.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to be beautiful, who doesn’t want to be but at what cost, so define it in your terms and not by the society”s expectations.

Start by becoming comfortable in your skin, I know its easy to say…But essentially it is the only way.

The confidence which comes from this, will turn the flaws that you see in the mirror into your unique beauty .

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