Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day in Australia. It always falls on the first Sunday in September.

My husband enjoyed a delicious breakfast – French Toast, with homemade blueberry compote, sliced banana and a small dollop of ice cream cooked by moi of course. Pretty lucky guy huh😊

I got to celebrate this day also with other special man in my life, my Dad. He along with my mum have been the pillars of strength and support through my life. Their love in so many ways so unconditional. My dad has always been the protector of our family. I always felt safe because he was around. He gave us a good foundation in life in regard to integrity and morals that has guided his children through our lives.

He learnt this from his father. My grandfather who was the embodiment of truth, love and integrity. He sacrificed so much for his family but never spoke of it as such because of the joy he derived from it I think. He was probably one of the calmest people I have ever known. I had the privilege of growing up with him through my childhood.

I guess this is what these days are meant to be… Not a cliche. It’s about celebrating and valuing family and also remembering the family even if they are not physically here. They never leave our hearts and become ingrained within parts of who we are.

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