Beauty of life

Its been a while since I wrote, for various reasons life gets busy but it was partly because I really didn’t feel like writing. I had nothing new to share…

Now, I am writing to share a new perspective. May be its not new for you all and even for me. But it is something that has hit home in the last few weeks. I realise life is so much about perception mostly yours, containing fragments of others. I have read in many spiritual books that in life it is the only thing you really have control of….thus the choice of being happy or sad is in your hands.

Thou true I realise, we still need to be weary of the “story” that plays in our mind of who we think we are and our life. We all have our stories…the background score of our movie.

In the end, the survivors of life, are those who continue to see the glimmer of light and hope…They are the content ones.

Those who forgive, let go and even love past the injustices.

Those who see that life doesn’t live you but you live it.

It is not easy sometimes you say, true but look at your life and those around you. You keep going and living because Hope has a way of surviving the darkest and grimmest days…

If you still can’t see then look at the news the war torn countries and those holding on to life each day, not knowing what tomorrow will bring and awaiting a better day. I know this is not the answer and is only a temporary fix. Thou each one of our struggles may not be of a life and death nature, it is real and a challenge on day to day basis. But it certainly gives you a moment when your life isn’t so bad. I am beginning to use this practice as a reflection and a moment to say grace.

My lesson and something new to share that I had forgotten is that till you wait for a better day enjoy the moments of joy, happiness and self love however short lived they are because that’s Life…

One day even if a better day according to your expectations has not come to fruition, you will look back and realise life wasn’t so bad. It was good, fun, people loved you and you loved them. The “better” days were there already.

We flourish because of our hearts and not our minds ….

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