Who do you think you are?

What makes us who we are ?

Our parents, society or that voice within?

Do we bring with us something beyond? From our past lives..May be so.

I see it in my daughter, aspects of her that are not a derivative of her gene pool. These aspects define her identity.

As parents we may want to mould her to our expectations. Though only 3 years old, she lets us know loud and clear that we can attempt it with much kicking and screaming.

Unlike our parents generation and the ones before, I look into that determined, artistic, dramatic being and think “will I take away your ability to be who you are meant to be by taming you, to be accepted by me and the world?”

So who are we?

Am I thoughts that so fleetingly pass and yet travel to many places and point of views?

Yet some thoughts swirling in my head are not mine…I know thats so.

So who am I?

I feel I find the true ‘me’ in silence, shut to the world…pondering on life…

And sometimes in the first thought or feeling not hinged by any expectations.

I am ‘me’ when I feel a sense of calmness…unhindered by fear of looking good or bad.

I know that ‘ me’ when I love just because…with no reason or demands…uninhibited….connected to my being.

The ugly part of me is also me…in the moments only I like to hope…

Anger, hurt, frustration or even jealousy brought about at times not reaching the standard the world set for me or I indirectly set for myself.

My romanticized notion of me, noble, just, kind, centred and loving. I cannot be all the time. This I know now.

I keep asking this question, reworking the clay in my hand, sculpting me as I discover who I am.

Life so sweetly crumbles my delusions and forces me to see the journey of self discovery is not a rosey path. Love and acceptance of yourself, for who you are is what will set you free to be that person you were born to be….

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