Happy Valentines Day

Usually myself and hubby don’t over do Valetines Day…as it has become over the top and so commercialised…

Valentines were special when we were dating and even in the early years of our marriage. But slowly it dwindled, it began with me persuading my husband not to buy flowers. Especially due to the atrocious prices charged during this period. Restaurants were always booked out. Slowly we stopped observing this day. But this year we did celebrate this day for the right reasons, because we were prompted by an experience.

Last Christmas eve, as we put up the stockings and presents under tree. Cookie and carrot for Santa in a rush because we had returned home from a holiday. Me and hubby suddenly realised our stockings were empty…..as we both had focused on getting my daughter presents and the kids from our extended family and friends.

Though unconsciously we both had known no presents for adults due to a busy end of year and expensive holiday period, it was still kind of sad.

So we made a decision even if it is something small, we will make an effort to do something special for each other. Since my hubby doesn’t cook he made an effort to make a dish we both love having when we dine out. I made him a dessert he loves.

My hubby made the Prawn linguine and i made the caramilsed pear. It was simple way to remind each other with the business of life, that you matter and I love you.

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