Inspiring Leadership by Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand

This post is to a world Leader, who I feel has set the mark for many around the world. Its been a very long time since I have looked to a Politician to say “Now thats Leadership”.

Her genuine reaction from the very instant the horrible terrorist attack in Christchurch occured last friday, paved way for her country in how they responded. The way New Zealander’s have reacted to this incident which aimed to tare the fabric of their society and divide a country has actually had the reverse effect. This is the best answer to all past, present and future cowardism displayed in attacking unarmed people. That you have failed!!

The scenes of unity, bond and love displayed by Kiwi’s has been heart warming unlike their neighbours reaction to such an incident.

For many years I have loved New Zealand’s beauty but now I am falling in love with your humanity and your bond as One people regardless of your background.

Jacinda you are inspiring as a leader and a woman. You should be nominated for the Noble Prize for Peace, unlike the self glorifying clowns.

Thank you, to you and your fellow country men and women for restoring faith in humanity!

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Leadership by Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand

    1. She is incredible. I have been watching the news, to see, if her reaction changes but it doesn’t. Her comments to the victims and the families…is so inclusive and genuine. That rather than feeling different and targetted, they feel the support and love of a country. I think its partly because of Jacinda.


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