So it’s been a while….

I haven’t written for a while… Partly because I have been thinking about the purpose of my blog for myself. I realise some people write about current issues, about their hobbies or to tell their stories. Most importantly to channel their creativity, allowing their thoughts to find written expression.

I think the latter is me… Of course we all want and need an audience but I realise that can sometimes distract you from authentic expression.

I realise what I want to write about in this blog is about life… The thing we all are in and are trying to do better in or be more happy about…

Awe yes.. that quest…should it be a quest because it sometimes feels like an ongoing one.

That is the trap, as we are waiting for that moment, that material thing, that acknowledgement from a person or people to let us know we are there.

Only thing I can say is don’t wait… Happiness and satisfaction is fleeting and momentary…. Instead learn to enjoy it when it comes and be not so dissapointed when it passes. Know it will come again, till then be grateful for the blessings of your life.

As life is defined to be good or bad not by your achievements or by anyone’s validation. Quality of your life is about that voice in your head… It’s authenticity.

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