Happy Mother’s Day

A day to be appreciated and to show appreciation for your mum…

On my birthday day which just went by, my mother spoke to me about the day I was born. She has told me about the day before but I didn’t realise she still thinks of that on my birthday.

She spoke of that day so vividly, I was surprised by her memory. Similarly she remembers the births of my siblings as well. She said, she always wakes up in the mornings of our birthdays and remembers our coming to this world. How beautiful is that…

It felt so nice to be so precious because that’s what my daughter is to me. It was so moving… Each birthday from now I will remember this.

So this year she wrote a memoir of it, so I can have it as a keepsake.

I am humbled and grateful for such Love… So hope all of you have a great Mother’s Day!!

Weekly photo challenge – The place where you belong

My place in the world is certainly not the hustle and bustle of city and neither is it suburbia. Where I feel connected to or belong is ironically two very opposite places. The Mountains and Beach…

This is probably why as you would have seen from my other posts, I love NZ…it has plenty of both…Pity it gets so cold there, otherwise I would love to move there.

So here are some more photos of the mountains and the beach, where my soul feels the most at peace

Being present…

When life becomes rapid, like a river, where moments pass not lived or at times not remembered. What do you do?

May be it’s part of motherhood and may be even age😊. Nowadays my memory is like a a sieve where some just filter through and some remain.

As a child I had a photographic memory of individual pages of my favorite books. This continued in my teens. Then in adulthood it changed, but my mind still captured and retained pretty much most information and life experiences, both useful and useless.

At times in life not remembering is not a bad thing. I have realised my mind, as if programmed innately, holds only snippets of the past, painful incidents. I am glad for it! think about it.. ..why would you want relive such incidents in detail.

Like many of you I feel time is flying too fast and I remember reading some where that the earth is rotation on its axis has fastened. No wonder the days roll over so rapidly that I can’t believe we are already reaching mid 2018. I still remember NYE 2017 like it was yesterday. So how to slow down and at the same time not let life happen without me?

I want to stop and smell the roses. I want memories ingrained with details of colours, smells and textures. Remember the feeling of the grass blades on my bare feet. And remember moments where my taste buds danced because I ate something wonderful for the first time. I want to be drawn into a cafe because of the smell of freshly brewed coffee and sit down,  consume it as I watched people walk past. I want these experiences regularly and not care of the life going past or worry of the ‘to do list growing’. Life is fast pace and we are on the move constantly to keep up with life.  Those of you who are parents will understand this more . We are driven by needs and wants of our children.

Mostly on holidays or rare weekends, when we are not tied to routine or chores that cannot be ignored, I feel  like I am present soaking life as it happens .

I know the answers, be more present and minimise the activities to the necessary and the enjoyable and meaningful.

But it’s hard being present when your head is trying to keep up with multitude aspects of day to day life and when I am present like I have been lately at work I forget, my personal life. I forget to message my husband,  somsomething I promised or leave  my phone unchecked and only see missed calls or messages from my family and friends  at the end of the day.

So basically I have lost the ability to multi task. Some say it’s good for your mind and increases the ability to be more present. But I am also playing catch up in different aspects in my life. So something always gives…..

But in the end I guess its about making an evaluation of whether you are ok, with what you miss out on or sacrifice to smell the roses…

Sometimes it’s not caring about the world which is centered on doing and achieving. But it’s about being present and absorbing the experience of being alive …




Bring forth the tide

Let your soul rise

The moment is now

Shine forth in all your bright

Don’t hold back your light

As it is your birthright

You were born to be here

So don’t shy away or wither

Be who you want to be

It need not be for the world

Or the likes in social media

Nor for success defined by fame or money

Let it be for that day when you look back


You know you did not just exist but you truly lived.


Self Talk


Observe your “self talk”

Have you heard of this term before?

It is simply the conversations you have with yourself on a daily basis, the unspoken dialogue ….

Based on the nature of your conversation, it has a major impact on your mental well-being. The power of thoughts though intangible have a strong tangible impact on our lives.

Naturally the ones to watch out for are the negative ones, not just the ones directed at others especially where you are judging others, but equally or more damaging, are the perceptions you hold of yourself … the name calling.

Most of us have heard the term “you are your own worst critic”, there is so much truth to it and sadly it has consequences.

This why the below quote is one of my favorite…how profound.

“You can’t win in your life, if you are losing in your mind ” Anonymous

I used to be really good at listening and observing, this self talk. But in the last few years, I had neglected it and slowly a certain dialogue started to become an underlying theme. Sadly not a good one… Of course the situation I found myself as I have been told certainly had a lot to do with it.. Being first time parents…

I have been critical at myself before and have had failures but through awareness and the will to be happy I rebuilt myself each time. But this journey has been a whole different ball game. Each time you figure it out and feel some what on top of it, in regard to being a good parent … It all changes 😊 Because your children are evolving faster than you are learning and worse their nature is temperamental especially the toddler years. To top it off becoming a mum unearthed in me some fears and insecurities that I thought I had sorted out already.

The other part of this journey is doubting your parenting decisions. Because in this day and age, the one thing we have in abundance is information, most of which is useless and at our fingers tips. You can just about google anything. ..Right? This also adds to doubting yourself.

Then you see other parents and there is plenty of advice being thrown around and comparisons….. We certainly have made parenting so complicated.

For me when I started doubting myself in this role and being unaware I started doubting myself in other areas. Then I found myself in moments where anxiety and fear was so overwhelming, that I could not recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror.

Then I truly began missing the old me and a voice tried to speak, nearly muffled by all the noise in my head. “I am here” it said and I recognized something strong in that voice. This is when I observed, most of the noise – the chatter, was full of criticism and it had become the norm.

But this recognition wasn’t enough, I had to take the brave step of acknowledging my fears and insecurities and looking at their root cause.

I am finding myself again. Learning to accept the journey of parenthood, for what it is. Accepting what my sisters often point out, that I am too harsh on myself as a parent.

Most importantly being kind to myself in my dialogue within….Reminding  myself I am in charge at least in regard to my inner mechanics!

My first award 😘

My first Liebster Award!

Thank you dreamydamselblog for the nomination. Check out her Blog she has a lot of interesting things to say!

I will do my best to comply with the rules below😳

The rules :

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself
  3. Answer 11 question blogger gave you
  4. Nominate bloggers who deserve the award
  5. Create 11 original question for the nominees to answer
  6. let them know that they have been nominated.

11 Facts about myself :

1. I am forever grateful to have been born to my parents.

2. Being a mum is probably the most challenging experience of my life. I am humbled by this labour of love.

3. My favourite outings are movies and long brunches.

4. A caramel latte is my go to “pick me upper”.

5. I await for moments of profoundness when something I hear, read or see gives me a new way of thinking or looking at something.

6. I am such a physical person, in that I feel energy more than words and I love my physical comforts.

7. Power of love and compassion move me.

8. Some of my favorite books – Eat, Pray, Love, Buddha by Deepack Chopra, Alchemist and Forty Rules of Love.

9. I love to travel and planning my next holiday is a motivator in my life.

10. I love island  holidays.

11. But Europe was the most exciting and inspiring travel experience.

11 questions :

(1) One thing without which you cant survive ? what u will do if it is taken from you? My sleep, I used to need the standard 7-8 hours, now reduced to 6 hours on a good day as a mum. I have no choice in this but my husband looks after her at nights mostly 😘. So I can get my 6 hrs

(2) Why do you blog? Writing is a passion, a form of expression that liberates me.

(3) Do u believe in destiny ? Yes and no. I believe some things may be pre destined but not everything, your attitude governs the overall summation of your life.

(4) Do u like to be always in your comfort zone or come out of it and explore new things. I love variety in life but that doesn’t mean I am a daredevil. I like my thresholds.

(5) If could swap your life with someone who would it be? No body because I have yet to meet or know of someone, whose life I want fully.

(6) Do u live to eat or eat to live ? Both based on how I am feeling.

(7) What keeps you motivated? Growth of my soul, creativity and inspiration.

(8) What happiness means to you? When my mind is at peace, I see acts of kindness and goodness in people, without regard to each others differences. I feel hope for us as a human race.

(9) What is your most dearest passion? Writing and interior decorating.

(10) One decision U regret the most? what are doing to change it. I let what others wanted of me dictate my choices. It could have cost me everything but luckily I woke up in time to take ownership of my life & decisions in regard to it. 

(11) Who is your go to person – my husband, parents and my sisters.

My questions for my nominees

1. What did you want to be when you were a child? Are you some what close in regard to it?

2. What’s your earliest memory?

3. What do you like most and dislike about yourself as a person?

4. What’s your favorite travel destination?

5. What is your favorite book?

6. Are you a romantic?

7-11. In the years you have lived on earth, what will be your top 5 life lessons you have learnt?

My nominees :

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  2. https://hareninimalan.wordpress.com
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Photo challenge- A quaint little place

Don’t you love the unplanned Sunday’s, when you get a little time on your hand and you discover something beautiful..

That’s how we discovered this retro cafe in Dural, The Fig Coffee House. We have driven past it a few times, my husband had noticed the sign. From the street view you cannot see the cafe and this area is popular for Nurseries with attached cafes. But we were in for a surprise.

The actual building was a Hexagon shape, which I have never seen before. Sadly I couldn’t capture it in my photos. The place originally might have been an old farmstead, the initial bricks maintained.

It was vibrant and laid back at the same time. A water feature flowing down the skylight, to the verandah…. An old style piano, waiting to be played…A lemonade stand outside, a touch of country town fair.

We sat outside, the autumn sun was still keeping us warm. A 70th birthday party was happening in the courtyard. Families together celebrating…it truly was picturesque…

All about Lines